Is The Tp-Link TD-W8968 Idea For Multi Users?

  Tycer 13 Jun 12

Our current Wireless router needs replacing. I have been hunting around reviews and websites, to find the best router for my household. Our current household conditions are; Download Speed; 7.04mbps Upload Speed; 0.85mbps

We are a household of 3 pc's, normal internet requirements are; 1person on-line gaming, 1 person casual internet browsing, worst case scenario 1 person on-line gaming, 2 persons casual internet browsing.

I have read the reviews on: Tp-Link TD-W8968 it is obviously a good product for the price, I am unsure however that it will meet my needs. Do you have any recommendations on this product or other products that are available.

Looking Forward To Any Advice! Thanks In Advanced!

  interzone55 14 Jun 12

I've got a Zyxel NBG-491N and it's fine for me.

I've got two laptops, a desktop, PS3 and other bits & pieces. The router is fine for connection to my work VPN and streaming films through lovefilm.

Amazon link

  KRONOS the First 15 Jun 12

I have had only one experience of Tp-Link routers, my Netgear failed one Saturday and my local computer shop only had a Tp-Link in store. I was with AOL at the time which probably did not help but it was an absolute nightmare to set up, in fact i don't think I ever did get it going and on the Sunday went to PC World and bought a Netgear DG834 and this was breeze to set up and is still running perfectly some years later, in fact I have a brand new spare that I pick up at a car boot sale in case my current one fails.

Now obviously There are better models available but I can thoroughly recommend Netgear for reliability, ease of setup and excellent customer service.


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