Tower PC clock not keeoing time

  pomerian 16:48 PM 25 Jan 13

My tower pC clock stops when I an not on line do they have a battery somewhere ?

  wiz-king 17:13 PM 25 Jan 13

Yes, a little lithium cell usually. What make/model of computer? Cost about a pound at 'the pound shop' and takes about 5 min to install.

  RobCharles1981 22:03 PM 25 Jan 13

As Wiz-King said you need a Lithum Cell Battery Normally they are model CR2032.

And you posted in wrong forum too.

  mole1944 07:29 AM 26 Jan 13

go get a pack of 12 cr2032 from amazon very usefull and cheap as chips,i always keep some handy.

  finerty 12:01 PM 26 Jan 13

cmos battery change. look on youtube on how to change

  pomerian 12:44 PM 26 Jan 13

Thanks will buy batteries ,it is an old computer.

  wee eddie 13:45 PM 26 Jan 13

1 battery should last you about 5 years

  pomerian 22:49 PM 26 Jan 13

Still in trouble, replaced battery it came up with message found new hardware install sound CD even though sound was playing ok. Ran installation CD, CREATIVE X-Fi now no sound. Went through trouble shooting, When I got to sound & audio devices / properties/ Audio tab, shows REALTEK HD as Default can't select Creative not listed. Checked programes in add/remove REALTEK HD is listed but no size is given Creativ is listed as 100.08MB so it looks as though computer is trying to play sound from a non existant program but won't use the one that exists. Clock is OK. any ideas please.

  woodchip 15:33 PM 27 Jan 13

In Device Manager you revert back to old drivers for sound etc


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