Toshiba Laptops

  Zero G 13:18 11 Jan 07

I'm thinking of getting a laptop through Toshiba for business.
Any got any good or bad views on Toshiba at all?

  FreeCell 18:50 11 Jan 07

I have a Toshiba laptop and it has given no trouble in nearly three years. (tempting fate now!)

They are one of the big names in laptops, along with Dell, Lenovo (makers of IBM laptops), and HP.

See link for independent review of one of later models.
click here

  Zero G 19:53 11 Jan 07

Thanks for that:)

  Taff™ 08:50 12 Jan 07

Likewise I`ve had a Satellite Pro for 12 months with no problems at all.

  rmcqua 08:54 12 Jan 07

Toshiba have been at the forefront of laptop design since laptops were first "invented". They consistently rate highly in terms of design features and product quality/reliability.

  David4637 13:25 12 Jan 07

Tosh are very good. David

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