Top five antivirus and firewall software

  snowy30 28 Jun 12

Is that the updated top five of the anti viruses shown on the front page? The software shown on that list is almost one and two years old, and it says they've been reviewed last year or the year before.

Also where can I find a top five of firewalls and internet security suites

  rdave13 28 Jun 12

You read and search for your needs. Depends on your OS. Since XP my AV has been Avast! but recently nearly changed it after an upgrade. It's OK now and use 7's own firewall. I bought SAS pro for antimalware but you could buy MBAM instead. I also use the free Spywareblaster and need to update manually. I usually forget but kind posters here will remind us. Running like this for years with no ill effect and also using common sense browsing. McAfee free site Advisor is another good addition. No suite is perfect but you have Norton, McAfee,BullGuard, Kaspersky and many more you can pay an annual fee. If you get infected by running these suits I don't think they'll reimburse you if you do get hacked. Poor protection if you think about it..

  Strawballs 29 Jun 12

I just use Norton 360v6 on all of my machines since I did the beta test I think it is the best I've ever used.

  Forum Editor 29 Jun 12

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  snowy30 01 Jul 12

I uses Norton 360 too, but was just enquiring on behalf of a friend

  snowy30 01 Jul 12

Version 6


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