Too expensive! - internet in the rip-off UK

  ali1ear 16:32 16 Oct 07

Hi y'all .. I can't help but feel really frustrated at the strangle hold the UK's telephony networks have on the internet. They're kinda ruining the whole thing. I know its supposed to be getting better (the fortunate on free WiFi circuits .. ) grumble> but for what a service it could be with just a mobile phone and a laptop. Is there anything us little people could do? Ali

  HondaMan 16:38 16 Oct 07


  Pamy 16:46 16 Oct 07

Hiya ali1ear, where ya from?

  ventanas 16:58 16 Oct 07

What's the problem. I don't think its expensive at all. In fact I would readily pay a lot more if it meant a more efficient service. Anyway my internet service come as part of my mobile contract. £67 per month for two phones and 8mb access to a wireless network. I have no problem with that.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:16 16 Oct 07

You can get TV, phone and 8mb BB for £30/month or just BB (8Mb) +phone and free calls 24/7 (inc.line rental) for £17.99...would you care to explain which part of rip-off applies or are you just tight?


  tullie 17:20 16 Oct 07

The telephone services do not have a stranglehold.
And pam,if you dot me saying,the word is"you"

  tullie 17:22 16 Oct 07

and "dot" is dont

  spuds 17:28 16 Oct 07

Isn't some bus companies and McDonald's experimenting with free wifi!.

That's all we need, someone sitting on the bus seat next to you, with their laptop in full swing. Mobile phones now laptops :O(

  tullie 17:45 16 Oct 07

Where will it end lol

  Pamy 17:46 16 Oct 07

tullie,are you speaking to me?

  jimmybond 18:51 16 Oct 07

if you dot me saying, the word is "Aren't"
:-) just joining in, sorry I had to!

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