TOMTOM are a joke

  Newuser2 13:05 08 Jul 11

I've just got a new TomTom sat nav, if and its a BIG if, you can get the latest updates to download and install, you'll need a wired connection to your Computer. WiFi just doesn't work. According to TomTom I have a update for maps, does it download, no way. Trying to call TomTom and speak to someone thats a complete waste of time and effort. If I had known how bad the service was I would have got a different make. Just a heads up for anyone thinking of getting a new device.

  mole44 13:13 08 Jul 11

Have a tom tom one never had a problem downloading updates,have tyou set up an account that may help.Just connect your the usb cable to your pc that came with the satnav and you should be able download.calm down you've lost the argument by doing what you did,now pick up your rattle and calmy try again.don't besmerch a company just on your experiance.

  Newuser2 13:46 08 Jul 11

Mole44 Don't go lecturing me, I've had an account, had one for years. Do you think I connected up with a piece of string. I'm not the only one who is having probs. One guy I spoke to at TT told me they were having lots of complaints. If they don't know it broke they sure as hell wont be able to fix it.

  Woolwell 14:05 08 Jul 11

It might help if you told us which model of TomTom.

  KremmenUK 09:20 12 Jul 11

TomTom issued a profit warning recently.

Sales are suffering maybe because of some major cutbacks in unit features that is being widely published:

1) Only allowing it's own (out of date) safety cameras to be installed. 2) Restricting traffic data to about 50 miles of your current location. This means that if you are about to set off on say a 100 mile journey you will only be warned about major traffic problems when you're 50 miles away. If you had received traffic information for your whole journey you may have opted for a totally different route.

  wee eddie 10:19 12 Jul 11

Had a constant battle with TomTom. Inaccurate Maps, Inaccurate Speed Limit Notifications, pitifully slow Connection Speed for Updates.

Bought a Garmin. Not a lot better!

  woodchip 19:07 12 Jul 11

So what's wrong with a Wired Connection, Its always worked for me just plugging the Tom Tom USB cable into Laptop. I disabled the Software so I have to start that before it will connect

  Newuser2 16:32 02 Aug 11

Sorry for taking so long to reply I finally got thru to talk to someone at TT and they admitted they are having awful probs at the mo. The map upgrade it keeps telling me to download is already installed. Can only hope they get things fixed.

  woodchip 19:57 02 Aug 11

WiFi worked for me for TomTom Updates may be you pc is too old or too new

  coolcars26 19:23 06 Sep 11


i just received a tomtom go 1005 i purchased from is it possible anyone knows how i can add custom maps to the tomtom go 1005

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