Tiscali........International Calls Now free

  oresome 17:58 03 Sep 07

USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Germany and Netherlands all FREE from the 1st Sept.

The free calls apply whenever your UK 01 and 02 landline calls are free. For example, Anytime Talk customers can enjoy free international calls at any time; OffPeak Talk customers during offpeak hours and Free Weekend Talk customers at weekends.

  anniel34 19:32 04 Sep 07

I was one of Homechoice's original customers and then, ofcourse we were taken over by Tiscali.

I have a Broadband+phone package which has been the same since Homechoice days. I am on the 8mb package.

When I saw the offer of free line rental+ Free international phone calls to Australia and other countries, I was quite excited, so I rang them only to be told the offer does not apply to their ex Homechoice customers.

I really think this is sharp practice and wonder if there is anything I can do about it. Anyone else similarly affected?

  oresome 19:40 04 Sep 07

Upgrade to one of the new packages on their website. I assume you're not within a minimum contract period with the existing tariff.

  anniel34 21:32 04 Sep 07

I have already said that Tiscali have told me I am not eligible to get that package. It simply is not available to me and to others originally with Homechoice.

  ventanas 22:21 04 Sep 07

I've had this facility with Orange for ages, can't remember when I last paid for a phone call. Anywhere in UK with 01 and 02 starts and virtually anywhere Worldwide, at any time.

  spuds 23:33 04 Sep 07

Tiscali seem as though they have made a few errors this past two months on some of their offers. Their website states one thing, their sales team and customer support service state another.Like anniel34, I am having difficulties in upgrading my existing package. I am trying to take the matter up at a more senior level, partly as a spokesperson for my neighbours, who are experiencing difficulties as well, of upgrading to supposed offers now available.

anniel34, as your local exchange been converted to use Tiscali equipment?.

  oresome 08:31 05 Sep 07

Sorry anniel34,

I thought you meant that the free calls were not available on your present tariff, not that the new tariff wasn't available to you.

  anniel34 12:26 05 Sep 07

My local exchange is Hampstead, in London and I live less than 200 metres from it!

How do I find out if my exchange has been converted?

I am glad someone else finds it disgusting that we cannot get the new package. I was with Homechoice from the first day they started and feel we are being treated shabbily.

I also could complain at a more senior level. Is there anyone in particular that you would suggest?

  spuds 13:17 05 Sep 07

Your exchange was 'enabled' on the 01/12/2006 click here click here

The above links will provide a large amount of information about your exchange and the service provided from the exchange.Its well worth a browse for information.

We are at present in contact with Tiscali, hoping for a more direct response from senior level management. At present and to be fair to Tiscali, I will keep our contact points from public view. If further developments occur, I will post these under a new thread, so as to not hijack oresomes post.

  anniel34 13:35 05 Sep 07

Read and understood.

The Samknows site is most illuminating. I have kept it in my bookmarks.

I will look out for your news on this business.

  Stuartli 20:54 08 Sep 07

But TalkTalk has had this type of offer since a year last April - still no other ISP has come anywhere close to its International3 Package, never mind match it...:-)

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