Tiscali Smart Talk - slamming tactics

  dave_the_red 12:00 30 Sep 05

I have recently been changed over from bt for my telephone calls to Tiscali Smart Talk without my authorisation. I didnt even know that Tiscali had a phone package.

Has anybody else had this problem and if so what did they do about it?

I was tempted to stay on Smart Talk to save the hassle and the charges seem quite cheap but then i thought "why should i after they basically conned me into it".

Any thoughts?


  dave_the_red 12:01 30 Sep 05

Oh and the word slamming is apparently the term used for this technique of just going ahead and changing people over without there knowledge.

  Stuartli 13:14 30 Sep 05

Do you have a Tiscali subscriber account for dialup or broadband?

The broadband packages can be obtained with various phone packages as well at fixed prices and you may have inadvertently signed up for one.

  dave_the_red 13:29 30 Sep 05

I do have a broadband account with them but have been on the same account for over a year so have not signed up for it recently.

So really i fail to see how i could have to be honest.

The thing is i have been promised a free upgrade for the past 6 months and still not had it yet they manage to sign me up for something i dont want very quickly indeed.

I am going to contact them but just wanted to see if it had happened to anybody else first and what they did about it.

  Stuartli 13:41 30 Sep 05

I would ring Tiscali on 0845-072-2224 and query both the upgrade delay and the non-requested phone service - you may have been given the wrong upgrade.

  dave_the_red 13:49 30 Sep 05

Thanks, I will do that.


Will not tick the box as i will post the results of my phonecall on here, so that others in the same situation can see.

  oresome 18:14 30 Sep 05

I've just got Tiscali BB and I also signed up for Smart Talk at the same time. This is due to change over from BT next week.

BT wrote to me, confirming the request from Tiscal and presumably to give me the opportunity to question the request, if I was unaware of it.

  Stuartli 21:38 30 Sep 05

>>presumably to give me the opportunity to question the request>>

No, it's usually to try and persuade you to change your mind and stay with BT.

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