Tiscali Service Failure (one of many)

  acfc 22:28 15 Mar 06


Over the past 5 months my mothers' new Tiscali connection has failed to sync as much as she has been able to connect. To cut a long story short it's not her modem, PC, Filters, Setup etc and she has repeatedly contacted their totally useless helpdesk.

The BT site warns that she is at the extreme of the distance they can provide broadband but Tiscali will NOT contact BT to see if there is anything they can do.

She has sent an e mail to the escalations department to no avail. I can't even find the detailed clauses of their code of practice!

As far as I can tell they have failed to meet their end of the contract as the service is not being provided and neither is the support so how does she cancel??? (No-one but the Indian service desk will even speak to her)

  Stuartli 23:51 15 Mar 06

Contact Tiscali on 0870 744 2922, tell the representative that you are not receiving the service for which you have been paying and that you require a MAC code.

It may take a little persuasion but eventually you will get a MAC code sent to you (your mother is the only person to whom Tiscali will speaker because of the DPA); make it clear that you regard Tiscali as having broken the terms and conditions of the contract and not you.

  Harpur 17:23 16 Mar 06

what speed was your mother connected at? if she is some distance from the exchange (remember the line doesn't run as the crow flies)it can mean dropped connections.

  Stuartli 17:40 16 Mar 06

Tiscali's Ts and Cs at:

click here

  acfc 17:52 16 Mar 06

Harpur ~ not sure of the actual speed but the BT site states best would be 512kb as she is a fair distance awayy from the exchange ~ she'd be happy at 250kb if only she could connect!!


Thanks I have advised her to cancel giving 14 days notice as they have failed to provided the service

Having read Tiscalis own forum it's a miracle they're still in business!

  Harpur 21:02 16 Mar 06

i have to say i have no problem with their service as i have had no problem with any isp. i think it has a lot ot do withline length and quality.

mind they could be famous last words.........

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