Is this Tiscali package anygood?

  Proxy Worm 16:59 15 Feb 04

I am a 56k user and wan6t something faster and to stay on internet and have the phone line free all day for calls. Is this package any good? click here

  antoni34 17:27 15 Feb 04

But if you have the money why not upgrade to the full (512kbs)service ??

I have had this for 9 months with no problems at all

  spuds 22:37 15 Feb 04

When this service started not very long ago, it was on promo offer of £14.99 with extra for connection.It then went up to £15.99 and extra for connection, as a get it quick at this price package. Now it is £15.99 with free modem and connection. I use both tiscali 3x and 10x,both give and offer good service, and I have no complaints about either.Remember though that each package comes with a 12 month contract.There are let-out clauses, but you must read the terms and conditions carefully. Either package is a better improvement that the 56k service, and for a few pounds more the 3x is well worth it. Installation is a simple task, after BT have approved your telephone line.

  Stuartli 08:23 16 Feb 04

You'd do even better with 512k at around £23 from Pipex, one of the country's longest established ISPs with an outstanding record of service for both its business and domestic subscribers.

Tiscali, whilst providing a reasonable service, has too many problems with its customer care and attention for comfort; this particularly applies to its regular mishaps with subscription collecting.

I know from often acrimonious personal experience, having been with Pipex since 1996 and WorldOnline before it was taken over by Tiscali.

I know what you are going to ask next, but there are perfectly valid reasons why I'm only with Pipex on a PAYG basis.

  Jonathan314159 09:19 16 Feb 04

I've been with Tiscali for ages on dial-up (pay as you go, not subscription) and never had a problem. With Pipex for broadband, and likewise not had a problem.

Of course it would be better to have 512k, but even with this cut-down broadband service you will get "instant" connection, better on-line speed than currently, and won't be tying up the phone line.

Will they let you upgrade to 250 or 512 within the 12 month contract period? - might be worth checking.

  Stuartli 09:23 16 Feb 04

But, as you point out, you are with Tiscali on a PAYG basis - the problems often arise, as I stated, if you use it with a monthly payment version.

  Proxy Worm 10:46 16 Feb 04

OK, so mixed views, basically what i am looking for is a reasonable fast connection for under £20. Any ideas?

  KatyN 10:54 16 Feb 04

I've got a cheap and cheerful broadband with ntl (cable0. I can't remember the speed but it is the lowest and costs £14.99/month Compared with dial up, it is brilliant. No problem with using phone at same time.

You do need to be in a cable and ntl area.

  Bally 2k4 11:13 16 Feb 04

Thanks how can i check tht i live in the boundaries of BT BB and NTL?

  M4D 11:25 16 Feb 04

You would be better off looking into a 512 - 256 package on here click here

Im with aol for broadband and i must say it's alot better than people say.
Don't listen to anyone who says aol is c**p aslong as you dont use the software it's fine.

Chris M

  Stuartli 17:45 16 Feb 04

Maybe, but it's not cheap.

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