Tiscali dreadfully slow today

  LinH 14:49 21 Mar 08

Is anyone who is on Tiscali finding it slow today? I'm down to 192kb on the 2meg package which is pretty pathetic really. I guess the contention ratio must be at max.


  Clapton is God 15:41 21 Mar 08

"Is anyone who is on Tiscali finding it slow today?"


"I guess the contention ratio must be at max"

With a lot of people being at home rather than work today, that's a pretty good guess.

  pk46 16:19 21 Mar 08

Doesn't there TV add say SUPER FAST BROADBAND!!
say no more.

  spuds 17:10 21 Mar 08

I have been complaining to Tiscali about constant disconnections and low speeds, over the past week or so. Since yesterday, everything seems to be running very smooth. On a 'upto' 8Mb service, it was showing between 1.2Mb and 2.9Mb most days, and since I upped from the 2Mb package. BT have stated that I should get about 3.2Mb due to line, but today, it seems as though I am averaging in the 4.2Mb region, so I am keeping my fingers crossed!.

Have you checked Tiscali website, for any service reports, for your area?.

  Armchair 17:12 21 Mar 08

It's zipping along nicely.

  spuds 17:17 21 Mar 08

Spoke to soon, just had a disconnection with Error 680 -No dial tone. Reconnected straight away with drop of speed to 3.4Mb (just gone 5.15pm as usual- more people coming on-line!)

  LinH 23:34 21 Mar 08


Yep, checked the Tiscali website for any service issues but all is supposedly o.k. Have just logged in after being out for the evening and it's now about 1.80 meg which is fair enough. Must have been sheer weight of numbers online at the same time.


  Stuartli 00:07 22 Mar 08

I left Tiscali two years ago......

The future is bright, the future is.....:-)

  Stuartli 00:08 22 Mar 08

..but it's not Orange.....:-)

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