Tiscali Deals

  Zaphod 3 16:13 22 Apr 06

I telephoned Tiscali yesterday to ask about upgrading us from 512 to 1MB, they said that our line is unsuitable for 1MB, in spite of what BT's website says. They then offered us the same unlimited deal as we have at the moment but for £9.99 rather than £14.99, with no contract tie in. Even made the cost of the phone call worthwhile.

If anybody wants to try the same use this telephone no. 0845-0774488

  Stuartli 20:18 22 Apr 06

A Tiscali engineer informed me on the phone in December that my line (580 yards from a fully equipped and upgraded exchange, including ADSL Max now) would not support 2MB.

As I had been receiving an exemplary 2MB service from Tiscali for around six months before it undertook "service enhancements", I told him he had shot himself in the foot.

But he wouldn't budge and I ended up with 1MB.

That's why, coupled with one or two other minor problems, I'm switching to the TalkTalk offer after eight years with Tiscali (earlier WorldOnline).

By the way, I know the full history of my telephone exchange (one of two serving the town) because one of my mates used to be the exchange manager..:-)

  Zaphod 3 20:45 22 Apr 06

A few more details this was after having done the Bangalore run around and being told to phone BT wholesale. I think that this was more to do with Tiscali not wanting to pay for or sort out the enigineer call out, because BT Wholesale do not deal with the public.

The reason for posting this is if more people have £5 per month deducted and we start hurting their revenue stream they may start doing what we are paying them for.

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