Tiny.com anyone recommend them?

  AnthonyB 02:09 19 May 04


I'm on the lookout for a new pc, and wan't a fast one as we'll be using it for games amongst other things:). I have recently come across Tiny.com, and as a past customer of them (TINY without the "com")I wouldn't recommend them...infact, I would avoid them in plague-like fasion. monitor blew, sound never worked, graphics card acted up every day, all within 1 year (apart from monitor which blew just 18 days out of warrenteee (much to my annoyance, but delight of the chap from TINY (without the com:)

This was 1997 though, and i here they have "relaunced" themselves or something, any comments would bu much appreciated.

Ps: have £1300 to spend and want a gaming computer (by and large). oh, and INTEL V AMD yea I know:), but AMD come with faster chips now I believe.

  computernerdiamnot 08:57 19 May 04

Well tiny.com is not of the old but relaunched as a new company with Time behind the wheel, I must say the specs of some machines is so impressive but at what cost. You also have to add £39 for del and £60 for the restore disks also you have to get rid of that annoying supanet if you want to be able to use an exsisting isp.

  byfordr 09:17 19 May 04

A quick search on Tiny or Time should reveal all :-(

On a more positive note they have re-established a forum presence. Time will tell if they are as good as Mesh's Davey.


  Pearly Gates |X|X| 10:01 19 May 04

Time will tprobably tell you that they are better than Davey @ Mesh.

  byfordr 10:04 19 May 04

£1300 should get you a fair bit. I would suggest a trawl through the following

click here click here click here I also read that HP are doing a new range of Gaming pcs built to order using the coolermaster wave case.


  pj123 20:11 19 May 04

You could also check out here click here

  ch0pper 20:49 19 May 04

that Tiny.com want to charge £60 for restore discs.

After all, you buy the licence to use the OS, so the OS CD, or restore CD at worst, should come as a matter of course.

  Kalitechnis 21:12 19 May 04

On the phone yesterday I was told it was £20 for the restore disk-acceptable I would say


  computernerdiamnot 21:49 19 May 04

If you look in the small print of the advertisment you will see the cost. Kalitechnis they have given you a deal or did you quibble about the price.

  mezzanine 14:10 20 May 04

kick off enough and you get it free! guarenteed

  AnthonyB 14:51 20 May 04

Well, I dealt with them before, and i was sent a load of "restore" disks (sound, gfx card) instructing me how to correct the display if it went wrong. That's ok, but it was almost a daily affiar, especially the gfx card (s3 virge 4 megs - top notch in it's day:) - and still got it in my top drawer for antiques road show in 2012. (or should that be now?)

I have had a look at there web site, and notice, that even on there highend machines, they shove micro this, micro that in (sfx mobo i think). I'll keep my eyes open, thanks all for replies


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