Tiny Woes

  blulightning747 19:25 10 Jun 05

My friend ordered a Laptop from Tiny a month ago. The first time he phoned them they said there was no order etc, so they put it through the system etc and it would be another 2-4 weeks delivery. They gave him a free carrycase for his troubles. Fair enough.

Today he phoned again because they overcharged him. Turns out, they charged him for the case saying it wasn't in the guys power who he spoke to the last time to give him it free. Now he has to wait 2-3 weeks for it to arrive now and they gave the carrycase free this time.

I'm getting sick of him bugging me because the stupid thing hasn't arrived yet. Any suggestions i can give him to speed up Tiny? They are threatening Trading Standards or whatever they are threatening but i think this is OTT. Any help please?

  blulightning747 19:28 10 Jun 05

The laptop is a Tiny PowerLite CM3400 Pro.

  g0nvs 20:31 10 Jun 05

Tell him to cancel the order & go elsewhere.

  Jackcoms 21:24 10 Jun 05

I agree with g0nvs.

And why on earth would anybody want to buy ANYTHING from Tiny, anyway?

  blulightning747 22:49 10 Jun 05

He got it cause it was cheap.

  rdave13 23:09 10 Jun 05

Now he knows why.

  rdave13 02:46 11 Jun 05

Been using Tiny comp for two years plus and no regrets yet.
Unfair of you to state "now he knows why".
Many threads on "better comp." manufacturers getting slated on this forum.

Each to his own I think but for spec wise you can't beat Tiny for price.
After sales backup is another matter but look up other high profile manufacturers on this forum and there is not much to choose from.

  blulightning747 20:45 11 Jun 05

Cheers, i've forwarded it to him and hopefully this'll get something done.


  Total Care Support 22:40 11 Jun 05

Hi Blulightning

Obviously as its the weekend I am not in work yet so I have not got your email but I will look into it monday

Could you ensure that you provide me with your friends details ie order number account number and or postcode as it will help me trace the order.

I will say now before I go any further I will not be able to discuss it directly with you or in the forum as you are not the customer and it is governed by ata protection act but I can look into it and up date your friend (if he has an email he accesses if you give me that I will email him)

Best regards

Daniel Warren Granville Technolgy [email protected]

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