tiny pc faulty want £1 00 min

  tommy 321 12:00 25 Jun 03

last july (29th) i bought a tiny pc system, last week the cd-rw just started spinning quite noisey and it just packed up, completely dead, ive emailed and faxed them, but they have not responded, i have just phoned their 0870 number and was asked if i took out their three warranty, which i didnt, so they wont do anything until phone their premium number and obtain a rma number, i phoned the store, but was told the same thing, is there anything i can do, i havnt got a £1 a minute money. i opologise if you have had a similar thread, thankyou very much tommy.

  Time Group - Chris 12:25 25 Jun 03
  Sir Radfordin 12:36 25 Jun 03

Can't get fairer than that really...let us know if it gets resolved.

  Djohn 12:40 25 Jun 03

Now that's what i call first class service, you have picked up on this problem within 25 minutes!

If you follow through and fix the Problem with the same efficiency, you deserve "Retailer of the month" award. Well done, I'm impressed. j.

  tommy 321 12:44 25 Jun 03

thankyou all very much, emailing now, regards tommy.

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