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Tiny Advice?

  Dozy 20:03 17 Aug 04

I am considering a new computer from Tiny.com but I am a wee bit nervous as it did used to get a bad press. P.C. Advisor run their adverts but what is their record for customer service and are they now more reliable with supplying the goods they advertise? I would be grateful for any guidance.

  flubberjack 21:36 17 Aug 04

Tiny.com is different from the Tiny of old. Tiny.com is a brand of Time Computers. One thing I have noticed about them is that the components whilst they seem pretty good are sometimes not up to other manufacturers. In their machines they advertise 1024MB DDR Ram on some but they do not tell you that it is the inferior PC2700 variety (although this may be ok for your needs). They also tend to use MicroATX motherboards which do not have great expansion potential and are not as good as full ATX motherboards as far as I know (I hope my terms used here are correct, I could be wrong).

They also charge £1 a minute for technical support, charge for a Reload CD and their parent company Time/Granville have a less than greaty reputation for customer support.

  Forum Editor 01:17 18 Aug 04

of personal experiences, but any post that advises forum users not to purchase from any company will be deleted. Your experiences are yours - they may or may not be typical, and you must not advise other people to avoid a company because you had a bad time with it. Let others make up their own minds, based on their own judgments - not on yours.

  Dozy 20:28 19 Aug 04

Thanks Flubberjack your advice is exactly what I wanted
Thanks Forum Editor I do not want any company rubbished just need to understand one or two things like Flubberjack told me.
Cheers Dozy

  Dozy 10:34 28 Aug 04

I see that Compaq are advertising a machine with 1024mb ram would that also be the inferior PC2700 variety? My current machine is a Compaq and I have been very happy with it. I am changing it simple because I want a more updated more powerful machine.I see that nearly all machines are 512mb so really appreciate guidance from anyone.
Cheers Dozy

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:52 28 Aug 04

Apart from slamming in some extra RAM I have never 'expanded' a motherboard in the whole of my life and nor has 99.99999% of the UK population. PC2700 RAM may be 'inferior' but mere mortals will not notice it. It would appear that computer owners are becoming like camera club members....talking about things that cannot be noticed and making them appear much more important than they actually are.

Tiny computers are excellent value for the price and you would be hard-pressed to meet that price in a self-build. They are capable all-rounders and will be good enough for gaming. OK, they are not the Alienware of gaming machines but if you were really that serious on gaming you would have been looking elsewhere in the first place.


  VEG 16:35 29 Aug 04

well i was the same as you but after some thought i bought mine from tiny. 4 months on very happy chappy :-)

  Dozy 12:09 30 Aug 04

Thanks for all your help will now move on and get buying!

  flubberjack 12:19 30 Aug 04

Good luck with it - I hope all goes well with your Tiny.com purchase. Can you post back after you order and let us know what Tiny.com are like?

  It's Me 15:20 30 Aug 04

Hasn't there been some comment elsewhere about problems with the inbuilt modem, at least so I vaguely remember.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:52 30 Aug 04

'Hasn't there been some comment elsewhere about problems with the inbuilt modem'...I assume that you are refering to the removal of Supanet........it can easily be overcome.


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