time/tiny moving to india ???

  Maverick81 10:53 15 Jul 05

Are time/tiny moving away to India, a colleague of mine said he saw something on the news this morning about 140 job cuts....any truth in it ?

Has anyone heard anything ??


  Forum Editor 13:36 15 Jul 05

but I wouldn't be surprised to find that it's true. Many computer manufacturers offsource to India and other Asian countries.

  mike1967 13:38 15 Jul 05

well customer support will get even worst then

  Jackcoms 14:04 15 Jul 05

Why do you say that?

  Forum Editor 14:37 15 Jul 05

India now leads the world in many aspects of software development and customer support. In fact a lot of major companies have departments based in India, and their customers don't even know it.

If I'm looking to outsource software development for websites Bangalore is the first place I go - they're streets ahead of anyone else when it comes to delivering on schedule.

  Stuartli 15:59 15 Jul 05

Nothing on such a move on the BBC's Lancashire or Burnley Express web pages.

  Total Care Support 17:07 15 Jul 05

Without having seen the news story in question and not knowning who transmitted it I can not comment directly.

However, having talked to HR and other departments including the company spokesmen, they all gave me blank looks as no one has plans along these lines. And we would not mind seeing the programme as it does not appear to have been repeated on either local or national news.

Mav any chance you could tell what the programme was i.e GMTV etc and that way I can contact them for a copy of it.

Best regards


  sidecar sid 17:33 15 Jul 05

Maybe a case of mistaken identity?

click here

  Stuartli 18:38 15 Jul 05

I don't really think so....:-)

Not by even a Tiny amount...:-))

But Time may prove me wrong...:-)))

  wiz-king 20:31 15 Jul 05

Time and Tiny wait for no man!

  stalion 21:25 15 Jul 05

Best way to find out is to phone them

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