Time and Supanet

  Allan_r 15:54 15 Jan 04

if you buy a pc from TIME it comes with a modem that will only dial their own isp Supanet.
Apart from being disgraceful practice, does anyone know a fix for this?

  thisisnighthawk 16:12 15 Jan 04

go to dial-up networking and make a new connection.

  hoop 16:29 15 Jan 04

I had a computer from Time and it had Supanet installed as the connection, ready to connect as soon as I wanted. As thisisnighthawk says, simply set up another connection. I don`t think it`s disgraceful. Helpful really for people who actually want Supanet as their isp, and lets less experianced people get on the `net and get advice from places like here on how to change it if they wish.


  Allan_r 17:49 15 Jan 04

listen, it really will only dial the supanet number, nothing else, not even in hyperterminal.

  Diodorus Siculus 18:08 15 Jan 04

Allan_r - you are correct; the modem is "dedicated" to supanet.

The only option is to buy a new modem.

  canard 18:12 15 Jan 04

My old Time PC had the easy to make supanet connection and it was great because straight after a clean boot/reformat I could get my internet working. Then it was easy to find the ISP of choice and get it installed as the default. Saved having to shoot out for a new disc after each reformat.
There was an article a while ago which said that of all dial up ISPs Supanet was the most efficient and fastest loading so for anyone on pay as you go it's a good option.

  hoop 18:56 15 Jan 04

Just looked at Time web site, all except one of the systems that come with a modem say "Modem : Dedicated high speed Supanet optimised 56K modem

Under the heading of hardware upgrades they could/should have included the option of putting in a modem that was independant of any particular isp, letting people choose right from the outset.

Am I right in thinking Supanet are part of Time then?


  Gaz 25 21:16 15 Jan 04

Yes, supanet are a parter, who very close indeed to Time Group.

Supanet is excellent, used it for years.

  GroupFC 22:29 15 Jan 04

I'm with Gaz - what's wrong with Supanet? I have found them excellent!

  Ranger 23:13 15 Jan 04

probably nothing wrong with Supanet, if that's who you want to use, but if you want to use someone else you should be able to do so

  Allan_r 10:15 16 Jan 04

thankfully not my machine. Just noticed dedicated modem blurb in very small print, see advert in pc advisor page 153. I'm sure supanet is fine as an ISP it just that my friend wants to connect to his existing ISP, save all the hassel of changing address etc.

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