Thread Titling

  Goldcroft 13:42 12 Feb 03

Very recently the Forum Editor asked for accurate thread titling to aid his search function problems.

What do we get today. "Finally Proof" from Pilch and "Come on Now - Play the Game" from Topcat, who even has the cheek to say "thought that title might get your attention". And "Shocking" from Elrond.

They ought to be ashamed of themselves.

  nightporter 14:00 12 Feb 03

Quite right - hang 'em!!

  €dstow 14:18 12 Feb 03

I don't normally look at posts with obscure titles as I believe the contents will be of the same importance as the title. As a special concession to you, Goldcroft, I did look at the posts you refer to.

My belief proved correct.


  Pilch.... 14:20 12 Feb 03

I posted the finally proof whilst at university, in a quick break whilst looking round bbc site.

I am sorry if it confused you, but i would of put it into the games room if it was still here, but being that it isnt, i thought it was bit of a waste of an interesting link.....

  Goldcroft 14:40 12 Feb 03

Pilch. No one is interested in where you posted it or what you were doing at the time. Confusing me has nothing to do with it. How could any of that prevent you from giving it a title which in some way reflected the contents? The postings would seem to indicate that not many forum members are interested in games and we could have avoided opening it.

PS: Sorry Edstow for causing you also to waste your time. Enjoy your cakes and tea tomorrow afternoon.

  Sir Radfordin™ 15:08 12 Feb 03

I'm interested in what Pilch was doing and where he was!

So am i!

  Goldcroft 15:24 12 Feb 03

I've had another think. I feel an interest coming on now.

  €dstow 15:29 12 Feb 03

Cream cakes are on Fridays. Also it's wine, not tea!!:-))


  PC Advisor. 15:42 12 Feb 03

OK - enough said.

Let's keep thread titling as descriptively succinct as possible. That way we can diagnose and solve your issue as quickly as possible.

  watchful 15:43 12 Feb 03

How about an award for 'best thread title?'

The one above - Singing Opera's Praises - stands a good chance.

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