For those of you on Tiscali Broadband

  Totally-braindead 15:22 03 May 06

I've been watching with interest the postings by various people about their speed being upgraded recently and waiting for Tiscali to contact me about what they are doing/offering.

They haven't by the way.

Anyway for those of you that are past their one year contract you can go onto the Tiscali website and upgrade your package and get the newer prices. I for instance have changed from 1mb unlimited at £14.99 to the same 1mb unlimited at the new price of £12.99.

Go on save yourself some cash.

  oresome 16:17 03 May 06

They'll have to do better than that to stop me migrating when my twelve months is up!

Always assuming CPW lives up to it's promises.

  Jackcoms 16:20 03 May 06

Just had a look and I can't save anything! :-((

I can't improve on my current package - £19.99 for 2mb unlimited and free anytime 'phone calls.

  Stuartli 16:24 03 May 06

I have mentioned in other threads (the TalkTalk ones) that I did the swap to £12.99 1MB unlimited with Tiscali even though I've only got a month to go before getting the up to 8MB service from TalkTalk.

As an aside, I also mentioned that Tiscali is still advertising the service at £14.99 in newspapers and TV advertising, giving a telephone number to enable it to be ordered.

Yet its website now lists it at £12.99 for both new and current subscribers..:-)


Tiscali informs subscribers of new offers via the Downgrade/Upgrade link to which you refer never, to the best of my knowledge, by e-mail.

  Stuartli 16:26 03 May 06

If I remember correctly your package used to be only 1MB - this was upgraded FOC to 2MB a little while back.

The original 2MB unlimited plus phone package was £21.99.

  spuds 16:31 03 May 06

When the Talk-Talk dust as settled, Tiscali may have some surprises (I hope?).

  Stuartli 16:34 03 May 06

It certainly would be a surprise if they can beat the TalkTalk offer by even the smallest amount.

The £12.99 1MB unlimited offer and minor changes elsewhere are the first steps of moves rumoured for this month or the very near future.

  Stuartli 16:35 03 May 06

By smallest amount I don't mean financially.

  Totally-braindead 16:36 03 May 06

Just noticed that it says the offer ends 8th May click here

  Jimmy14 16:46 03 May 06

As soon as my 12 months is up with Tiscali I am moving to TalkTalk for their up to 8mb BB and phone service combined. I was hoping that Tiscali would release higher speed internet so I wouldn't have to move at all

  Totally-braindead 17:02 03 May 06

Perhaps they will Jimmy14, only time will tell. Its early days yet.

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