Those Apes at Jungle

  Steve Mat 08:34 25 May 03

I bought a DVD player on line from that went wrong within the first year. I spoke to the Tech Department who advised me to return it and that they would arrange for its return. They gave me a Return Number and told me to write this on the box and give it to their courier who would pick it up. Sure enough, their courier turned up as planned and I despatched the box containing the DVD player, asking the courier if I needed to sign anything.

Having dealt quite a bit with companies who operate on line or over the phone I always keep a diary of what happens, what is said and when. A couple of days later I phoned the Tech Department and there the saga begins. I’ve kept a full diary of who and when I spoke to people at Customer Services and to summarise, I have called the Customer Care department seven times at National rates. Each time I have either been told the cheque’s in the post (yeah right, that old one) or that they would get back to me.

At no time has the cheque been put in the post or has anyone got back to me, in fact, each time Staff become less and less helpful. At first they were keen to help, locating the DVD player and confirming I would be paid but that has degenerated and now they merely state that Jungle has been taken over by Argos and that all the previous staff have left and now, unless I can prove it, it is not their problem. That is not Customer Care!

I am now at the stage where I feel deeply aggrieved at the unhelpfulness of their Staff, the mounting cost of getting my money back (including one phone call from the Gulf) and the fact that they now think they can fob me off.

Any help or advice on where I go from hear would be appreciated.


  -pops- 09:13 25 May 03

Contact your local Trading Standards office. They get things like this all the time.

  Belatucadrus 13:23 25 May 03

GUS/Argos have owned Jungle for quite some time, so it clearly remains their problem despite the internal restructuring of Jungles systems and personnel.

  Forum Editor 14:09 25 May 03

When a company is taken over by another concern it almost always gives rise to incidents like this. If you're getting nowhere have a word with Trading Standards.

  IanNiblock 14:40 27 May 03

I had a very similar problem when Tiny was bought by Time (I know the circumstances in that takeover were vastly different) whereby my laptop was sent back for repair and then disappeared, at which point Time told me I had to prove that they had received it! The first thing that I would do is contact the couriers to see if they can provide you with written confirmation that the package was picked up and delivered. If that does not get you anywhere then a last resort (this is what I had to do with Time) is to speak to your credit card company (I assume you paid using a credit card, if not then this advice is useless & I apologise!!) as they should be able to help?

  BigMoFoT 14:49 27 May 03

A friend of mine who works for the Argos Retail Group (GUS/Argos etc.) informs me that they have liquidated Jungle or sold it too someone else

  mikeyb59 16:40 27 May 03

Just had a look at the website and it clearly states its an Argos Group company

  Belatucadrus 17:20 27 May 03

Jungle was one of the companies in the GUS group. As far as I can see the independent company that functioned within the structure of the GUS group, has been dissolved and the Jungle brand is now run as part of Argos, also part of the GUS group. As you can see the component supply side has been scrapped and all you get now is a sort of Amazon copy. I think the relevant buzz phrase is "Concentrating on core business".

  spuds 19:32 27 May 03

As peviously suggested. Contact your local Trading Standards for further advice, and the courier company for confirmation that they received/ delivered the goods.As you have kept records, your problem should be easier to solve.

  canard 11:29 28 May 03

Looks as if the Barclay Brothers [or is it twins]are buying GUS so try to get something done before the next spanner hits the works.

  mikef™ 22:38 28 May 03

The Barclay Brothers are only buying the GUS home shopping catalogues which will be merged with the Littlewoods Catalogue buisness they bought last year.

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