ThinkXtra CD-R

  dms05 14:27 06 Apr 07

I picked up a pack of ThinkXtra CD-R's from a supermarket mainly to burn a few iso images. Much to my surprise the CD-R's aren't blank but contain about 1Mb of data. After scanning the files to check for virus infection I plucked up the courage to run the exe file. This loads and runs a program called SoftR which is claimed to be a 'grabber' and offers the chance to copy music, photos and data. The music downloads seem to come from an associated site. However they won't be suitable for iso images.

Has anyone else bought blank CD-R's to find they all have data written to them by the manufacturer?

  Totally-braindead 14:33 06 Apr 07

I would be very wary of this and no I've never heard of something like this before.

Can I ask who sells these disks?



Anything that offers you something for nothing is always suspect. I don't like this and I personally would bin them.

  dms05 14:49 06 Apr 07

Yes the info on the pack is click here and that leads to their web site which states amongst other things: TX Group activities -
We are a true European specialist focused on Retail and Distribution
With a complete range of CD and DVD products and services
Strongly Marketing oriented to reach “A” level brand positioning across Europe
Flexible and proactive
And with Operations and Services of excellence (Free hot line and services online)

This leads you to their tech support site click here where it says contact is:
By phone: 00 800 388 328 82 (free call):
Mondays - Fridays: 9:00am–2:00pm and 3:00pm–5:00pm (–4:00pm on Fridays).
By e-mail:fill in the relevant help form.

The UK distributor is based in Ireland.

I bought the item from Carrefour.

  Totally-braindead 15:00 06 Apr 07

Carrefour eh. Can't said I've heard of them up in Scotland.

  dms05 15:02 06 Apr 07

Worlds largest retailer. Makes Tesco look small. Bought them from one of Carrefours hypermarkets in France.

  Totally-braindead 15:07 06 Apr 07

Interesting. I see on the website there is software there, CD burner as a trial, and it says "ONES is different from other CD/DVD burning software as it uses an innovative new recording technology which means that it can function with any existing or future CD/DVD recorder. Updates are no longer necessary."

Now thats interesting, maybe a little suspect. You never need to update it for future recorders?

  dms05 15:13 06 Apr 07

Just a very odd product marketed in a very odd way. I suppose if I'd read the very small print I might have found out what they were but a CD-R is a CD-R, or it was until these guys turned up! The SoftR software looks quite professional and they've managed to get on the shelves of a very major retailer so they can't be all bad - just different.

  Totally-braindead 15:17 06 Apr 07

I might be wrong here but I think in the UK if someone was selling a blank CDR and it wasn't blank, ie there was a program on it, I think it would be at the least in contravention of the trades description act, if not illegal.
I for one wouldn't buy them or having bought them once buy them again.
In my opinion a blank CD should be blank.

  dms05 16:20 06 Apr 07

Agreed. However on closer examination they are printed with the term 'self recordable media' and CDSoft-R 700Mb. However they are nothing like anything I've seen before and were just stacked along with many other CD-R offers. For recording music/photos/data they seem good quality. Nero reports them as Plasmon manufactured.

At least they only cost Euro 9 for 25 (ie £6.50) but I still can't write the iso images I wanted the CD-R's for in the first place!

  Stuartli 16:40 06 Apr 07

Don't seem to be listed on Carrefour's click here website (but my French isn't that clever!)

  dms05 17:05 06 Apr 07

Stuartli - the web site seems to only list a very small portion of those I've seen displayed on a continuing basis. I've checked the French and Spanish Carrefour sites without success.

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