Things are hotting up

  Forum Editor 19:53 11 Jun 07

on the browser front.

click here

  Pine Man 20:04 11 Jun 07

A little competition never did anybody any harm.

  Arnie 21:13 11 Jun 07

Looks interesting, but as always, I shall hold tight until the reviews start rolling out.

  Probabilitydrive 21:32 11 Jun 07

"...twice as fast as IE.." Hmmm, if their browser is matched by my growing admiration for all things clear and simple, I definitely would use it.

Heck, I'm already into sacrilegious acts like ditching Norton NIS for AVG and practising how to spell 'Ubuntu'....;-)

  Forum Editor 22:45 11 Jun 07

at least it is on my Powermac, but this beta has a way to go yet before it's going to pose a threat to IE or FireFox - at least it has if my brief test earlier today is anything to go by. I had lots of 'page can't load' error messages.

  Q-Bie 22:57 11 Jun 07

Actually I downloaded this earlier and have been running it on and off all day. I've browsed various sites like Neowin, BBC News etc.. with no issues.

For a beta, it seems pretty solid to me.

  PP321 23:16 11 Jun 07

no mouse it was uninstalled faster than it was installed.

  Input Overload 00:31 12 Jun 07

Runs ok can't see that it's faster than Opera though, I'm keeping it on this Pc though to fiddle with.

  robgf 02:28 12 Jun 07

Seems pretty reliable for a beta and looks quite nice. Speed wise it does seem to load pages faster than IE, FF and Opera. But doesn't handle the cache as well as FF and Opera, so using the back buttons is slower.
The font smoothing, even when changed to the light setting doesn't look very good on a CRT.

When browsing it's not bad, but it does flicker rather when rendering pages, but hopefully it will improve when out of beta.
Feature wise it's like an old version of Opera, or FF and although I like my browsers fairly basic, it does need some more work before it becomes a serious competitor.

  Forum Editor 06:57 12 Jun 07

Font smoothing can be an issue in Safari, and you're right to pick up that as a fault - it would prevent me from using Safari as a default browser.

  Daibus 10:20 12 Jun 07

I'm giving it a go but some problems. The major one being that pages, like Yahoo for example, do not load properly.

Anyone else reporting similar problems although I know it's only in Beta at the moment.

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