is there an outdoor polyfiller ?

  sunnystaines 18:54 02 May 10

ages ago saw someone patching up some brickwork from what looked like a grey coloured polyfiller from a tub.

got to patch up some pointing on some brickwork myself now and between a couple paving stones on the patio that were laid in concrete many years ago.

[can never get the old fashioned mortar to mix right it either goes brittle and cracks or goes powdery]

  rdave13 19:03 02 May 10

click here
And before anyone shouts spammer, I don't work for the company, just use the product....:)

  961 19:07 02 May 10

click here

I can vouch for the quick setting cement type which works like a dream

  sunnystaines 19:24 02 May 10

Tetrion DTE108 All Purpose Ready Mix Filler looks like what i need.

rdave13 and 961 thanks for the reply

  jack 10:29 03 May 10

I find sometimes that a little job need attention- and purchasing a large pack of what ever for a spoon full a bit off putting.
So I tend to look around at what I have that will serve.
I have therefore in the past used things like
Standard cellulose filler/or cement mixed with a bit of emulsion paint of the appropriate colour and a goodly slurp of PVA adhesive[for example]
Will serve equally well- but then I am known to be a bit of a bodger

  Woolwell 10:50 03 May 10

Be careful of what you use for pointing between brickwork. The wrong material can cause damage to the bricks and damp. I would suggest the you use the correct pointing material. Depending on the age of the house this may need to be lime based. click here

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