Is there an instant capture photo mobile on PAYG (Orange)?

  PC_HelpMe 21 Dec 11

Hi, I'm looking for a new pay as you go mobile on the Orange network - and my only requirement is that it has a good camera on it that takes instant photos (the image is captured the second you press the button). Does one exist?

  ton 23 Dec 11

" instant photos (the image is captured the second you press the button). Does one exist?"

Don't really know what you mean by this.

As far as I can see all camera/phones do this.

Can you be more explicit ?

  PC_HelpMe 23 Dec 11

Hi. I have an iPod and when I press the button to capture an image, it takes the image that second - there is no delay so I get a photo of what I see at the exact second I press that button. This is what I am after but with a better quality camera as the iPod image is quite grainy. When I press the capture button on my current mobile, it takes a few seconds for the focus etc so by the time the flash goes off and it takes a photo, the object I originally wanted to capture has moved :-( - hope that makes a bit more sense. Thanks for replying :)


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