Theme XP Site?

  Steve27 17:48 15 Jan 03
  Steve27 17:48 15 Jan 03

Does anyone use this site its been AOL for a while any idea if its gone, terminal, finished no longer around, dead!!

  VoG™ 18:21 15 Jan 03

If you mean click here then I get

just a moment...
ThemeXP is switching to a new server platform to finally rid of all these access hiccups! You'll enjoy quick-loading web pages and fast downloads momentarily; please bear with us!

ThemeXP Staff

And nothing happens!

  powerless 18:41 15 Jan 03

Me too.

  Steve27 18:52 15 Jan 03

Its been that way since before Christmas just a bit curious and wondering if anyone knows if they will be back it used to be a good source of themes etc.

  barrie_g 19:28 15 Jan 03

had the same problem myself and I need new wallpaper this stuff I'm using now is getting very tatty and i always like to decorate after xmas;-)

  Q-Bie 12:03 16 Jan 03

I went to the site a couple of days ago and it WAS there, but now it seems to have gone again. It looks like the traffic & database problems they were having before have yet to be resolved!

  Joe McG 20:25 16 Jan 03

these will help all who need some good wallpaper.
click here

click here

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