Theft of Wi-Fi enabled laptops

  Riverboy 10:44 29 Jul 05

Epsom police have issued the following notice:

"Laptops are being accurately targeted for theft by thieves using WI-FI (Bluetooth) hotspot finders. This handheld device displays the signal strength using a principle not dissimilar to metal detectors.

It enables a thief to walk into a full car park of cars and accurately select those vehicles which contain laptops. They then force entry to the vehicle and steal the laptop.

Laptops which are WI-FI enabled emit a signal even when they are hidden within vehicles and turned off. If you need to travel with your laptop, you are advised to keep it with you at all times."

Can someone tell me if it is possible to trace laptops in this manner as it does not seem to make sense to me? I do not understand how a laptop can emit a signal when it is switched off.

  Arnie 13:51 29 Jul 05

Are they switched off, or are they in stanby.

A TV set can still be activated by the remote control unit, even though it is from the viewer's point of view "switched off".

  Arnie 13:53 29 Jul 05

Sorry, standby

  Riverboy 14:11 29 Jul 05


I understand from our contact that a Wi-Fi enabled laptop can still be detected when "switched off" not just left in Standby mode. This is what I don't understand.

  anchor 15:36 29 Jul 05

This seems to be a double posting.

click here

  Riverboy 16:17 29 Jul 05

Yes - originally posted to this forum in error. Main thread running in Helproom forum.

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