TFT Dead Pixels

  Goolie 18:54 03 Dec 04

I know that monitor manufacturers have different policies on dead pixels (or non-permorming dots), but surely we do not have to endure these if they cause a problem.
Ctx say that they will replace monitor if it has over five 'non-permorming dots'. I purchased a CTX S761A recently and it has two dead pixels, one of which is bright green and is located in the centre of the screen (cannot possibly go unnoticed).
The supplier of this item has agreed to accept the monitor back, but only as 'unwanted goods' and I will have to pay return postage(£12.34).

I class this monitor unusable and should not have to pay anything to return unusable goods!

Does anyone agree with me?

Can I take further action to retrieve my costs?

  g0nvs 19:04 03 Dec 04

Pay the return postage(£12.34). Try your luck again with a diferent manufacturer. Also do some searching, read owners reviews etc. Good luck.

  Starfox 19:29 03 Dec 04

Agree with g0nvs,youv'e got off lightly....

  spuds 23:12 03 Dec 04

Some manufacturers like LG class a dead pixel in the centre of the screen as a sure case of a warranty claim.

Before purchasing a TFT monitor, I would suggest that a check via the manufacturers website is completed, so as to see what their dead pixel terms and conditions state.By doing this, and supporting the 'better' manufacturer, things may improve.

  Starfox 00:32 04 Dec 04

There is a manufacturer who will guarantee no dead pixels,can.t remember who I'm afraid.

  joesoaps 00:37 04 Dec 04

If you haven't already sent it back try to recover the pixels by stroking lightly with a cotton bud,it has been known to brig a dead pixel back to life.

  mikef. 09:35 04 Dec 04

Starfox, it is actually CTX on certain monitors

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