Tevion cordless keyboard and mouse problem

  Vectraman 09:25 24 Dec 04

Has anyone recently bought a Tevion cordless keyboard and mouse from Aldi?
Mine from new suffered with some keys not responding unless subjected to many presses. This appeared to get worse during a session.
Do I have to send the item back to the factory in Swindon as stated on the guarantee, or can I take it back to Aldi for a refund?

  Modo 09:43 24 Dec 04

Liabilty is with who you bought from not the manufacturer. Don't be fobbed off.

It's not bad for the price if it is the same one that Medion use, so worth getting a replacement.

If they argue just say you are going straight to trading standards.

  Stuartli 12:49 24 Dec 04

Aldi is responsible for either replacing the package or providing a full refund.

Staff, at least at our local branch, are fully aware of their responsibilities and have always proved most co-operative on the very few occasions I've had a problem with a product.

  TomJerry 16:17 24 Dec 04

I had one and hate it, some letters already off, mouse is ugly and my kids and wife would not touch it. Foolishly I throw away package box.

  Vectraman 08:12 25 Dec 04

I will let you know the result when I return the goods to Aldi when they reopen after the Christmas holiday.

  Vectraman 11:37 29 Dec 04

Took it back to Aldi. No problems, had a refund as they did not have any in stock.
You would need it in it's original box, plus the purchase list for proof of purchase.

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