tesco.net service

  grumphy 18:48 18 Oct 04

any opinions on their service

  phil.smith 15:26 19 Oct 04

I have been with Tesco.net for all my Internet life (several years now) and have had no real problems with them.

I did have a problem with dial up when I got a new computer and it kept asking me for a password and would not accept that I had already given one but this was soon solved by the technical services who rang me back with solutions and talked me through how to put it right - once at 10pm

Hope they keep this up


  grumphy 18:52 19 Oct 04

cheers you are lucky took four days to contacttesco support thats why grumpy thanks anyway

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 22:15 19 Oct 04

don't go there tesco.net it makes me shudder,rubbish support (which co$ts 50ppm),you can never dial-up becouse it always rejects,disconnects you if you have been on for quite a while,(supanet never disconnects(on the same computer),and doesn't give a lousy 12kbps speed).go for supanet (i aint on supa net anymore),becouse for a few 50p you can get a better service,or better still go for tiscali BB 15.99 a month,free modem,but a £25 setup fee.cheers.ben

  grumphy 09:11 20 Oct 04

cheers iam thinking of a change tesco is (pretty poor).This being a swear free site.Grumpy.

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 09:56 20 Oct 04

hi grumphy,the problem is tesco.net don't say where to cancel,or actully ill try the CD,let you know how things go,cheers.ben

  grumphy 18:41 20 Oct 04

let me know good man grumpy

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 20:06 20 Oct 04

hi grumphy,here is what i found on the tesco website in terms and conditions,just scroll down to number 12 i don't know if this gives any clue to cancelling subscription?. click here .maybe we will have to figure it out together.cheers.ben

  grumphy 21:44 20 Oct 04

seen what you said good point. can you find an address to write to i cannot.cheers again you are as keen on tesco's as i am grumphy

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