Tesco Hudl2 - Internal Storage

  weston 11:07 18 Feb 15

I bought the hudl2 in November last year. When you go into the "settings" menu and select "storage", it shows the Total Space as 9.12Gb. The tablet is supposed to have 16Gb. Surely the difference cannot be the overhead; can it! I went back to the store and checked one on display, and it was the same.

Ringing Tesco helpline, I was advised to delete the "cache", which I did, and now some of my bought book covers are missing. I was then advised to reset the computer which would result in the loss of everything. I haven't done this, yet.

Incidentally. I have a 32Gb micro SD card in the slot and this shows about a 2Gb overhead.

I would welcome some information on this. Thanks.

  lotvic 12:50 19 Feb 15

Hudl2 16GB, I have one and confirm the Total Free Space is 9.12Gb, so yes the other is taken up by the Android OS and the apps and Tescos 'extras' etc. However, as you already know, you can expand the storage space by putting in a 32GB microSD card, so now there's plenty of room :))

  highlands 17:10 08 Jul 15

I too have just bought a Hudl2 for my grandson and found that the advertised 16gb is only 9.12gb. The apps show 2.69gb and misc other small files bring this up to 3gb. Unlike other Android tablets the KitKat 4.4.2 system is not listed in the Settings / storage but from other tablets running the same O.S. it should be about 4gb. Where has the remaining 3gb gone. I presume the 2.69gb apps includes the compulsory pre-loaded 'Tesco' apps. If not, surely they don't take 3gb (and they can't be uninstalled). I have dozens of apps on my own Samsung tab and collectively they are about 1.5GB. Does anyone have the answer? Should Tesco be advertising the product with 9.12gb .... time to tell Trading Standards?

  Dragon_Heart 01:32 22 Jul 15

Yes storage is definitely an issue. The 16GB tablet gives you only 9.12GB free out of the box but you can transfer some apps to a micro SD card.

I tried a 128 Gb USB stick, via an adapter, in mine and it worked OK.

  lotvic 18:50 22 Jul 15

Dragon_Heart, thanks, that sounds useful, I'm going to get (on the go) OTG adapter cable so I can connect flash drive/usb stick. Seen them on Amazon for £2.95

  Dragon_Heart 20:44 22 Jul 15

I got mine for 68p each, they also have a plug bent at right angles to keep the cabling neat, try searching on Amazon with ASIN B009DFCCKO It was dispatched from Singapore but arrived very quickly.

Some apps do not work too well via a SD card or USB stick, some even keep stalling but that I feel is down to the app itself. Have fun.

My Hudl kept suggesting, via my PC, I plug it into a USB 3 port for faster performance but the Hudl only has USB 2, anyone else had a similar situation ?

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