Ten top tips for window

  BRYNIT 15:44 08 Jun 05

click here

For any one interested on how to create icons using paint.

And how to to create a link to your put your favourite applications and documents so that you could open them from any window at any time.

  mattyc_92 17:53 08 Jun 05

Already knew about all of them except the "Icons In Paint" thing, but thanks anyway.... ;)

  Bingalau 18:16 11 Jun 05

Has anyone tried the following site for computer tips click here It's American I think, but it also has a section which reminds me very much of this site with a "Helproom" also. I've been very pleased with some of the tips which have proved worthwhile. Ideal for the likes of me or for more experienced user....

  Stuartli 14:01 12 Jun 05

..the subject, but still important Windows wise is this link:

click here

listing a vast range of viruses, Trojans etc.

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