Temporary ISP deals

  Dumble452 10:41 16 Feb 05

I have a friend visiting from abroad at Easter and she would like to connect to the internet while she is here. To quote "I will have with me a laptop and want to organise
internet connection while staying with mum on Skye. Any good cheap and
temporary deals available from local ISPs that you are aware of?"

  Diodorus Siculus 11:07 16 Feb 05

Either go for PAYG or any of the unlimited services which are available on monthly contracts.

  Jackcoms 12:28 16 Feb 05

Can't she piggy-back off your connection?

  Dumble452 12:37 16 Feb 05

Jackcoms. How do you do that? I'm in Gloucester on cable broadband.

  anchor 14:38 16 Feb 05

Your friend could use Adial. No registration needed, local call rates.

Details here:

click here

Just set up a new connection on her laptop.

  Jackcoms 15:17 16 Feb 05

"staying with mum on Skye".

"I'm in Gloucester".

Forget my original suggestion. I (wrongly) assumed that she would be staying in your household. :-((

  Dumble452 23:03 16 Feb 05

Jackcoms.I wondered if that was what you wre thinking. Thanks for the idea anyway.

I will pass on the information to her

  TomJerry 00:51 18 Feb 05

pay local call charge is too expensive

THE BEST way is to get a prepaid internet pass (just like as as you go mobile) 0800 (or 0808) number

£10 a month unlimited

or £10 for 2000 minutes valid for 3 months

click here

I used this compay before and some friens use it and it is very good.

  TomJerry 00:52 18 Feb 05

if you use 0845 number, your mum will pickup the huge phone bil

  anchor 20:04 18 Feb 05

It really depends how much your friend intends to use the internet, and what time of day.

Don`t forget Mum could register the 0845 number as "best friend" with BT, and get a 20% reduction in call charges.

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