Temporary Internet Files

  manrow 21:36 17 Sep 13

Having today run a malware software programme, I discover that the majority of the files suggested to delete came from the Temporary Internet Files.

Is it a naive suggestion that I should regularly delete all files in this area? What might the results be to such action?

  wee eddie 22:16 17 Sep 13

Many of us use CCleaner to delete our Temporary Internet Files.

I clear them once every week before running Malwarebytes and then my Anti Virus, which is MSE. All these programs are free to the private individual but not to businesses.

  wiz-king 13:11 18 Sep 13

I do a monthly clean-up of all the PC's on our network at work, I do any MS updates followed by any Adobe updates then a clean with ccleaner and finish up with a defrag.

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