Telewest broadband -any good?

  ANDREW-W 18:05 27 Jul 05

I am considering installing Telewest Broadband at 1mb speed. Is it good or has anyone had serious problems? I can get a deal linking broadband, tv and phone so looks good.

  craig42 18:27 27 Jul 05


Have been with Telewest Broadband for over a year with no problems what so ever

  Esso43 19:16 27 Jul 05

My knowledge is 2-3 years old (I moved out of the area) but I had their services for 2-3 years and they were good. In all aspects. I moved to a NTL area and my research (including these forums) suggested that NTL were not as good and didn't have the option adsl has proved not so good.

  PUNKA 20:57 27 Jul 05

Are you talking about the £30.00 Package.If you are it is cheap and cheerful.So far I have had my Television down for the best part of a week,and had 3 Digiboxes in as many days,however this aside the BB has never let me down,and the Phone is always working.

  Joe R 21:17 27 Jul 05


Have used telewest for over 6 years now (four on broadband), and have never had anything, but good service.

  Yabadaba 21:22 27 Jul 05

I have been with them for just over 3 years with Tv.telephone & Broadband and never had any problems.

  Kinky Afro 21:34 27 Jul 05

I moved from from ntl to telewest 18 months ago as I moved house - the new place can't get adsl. Blueyonder is fine in my view, however it is very expensive compared to adsl. I pay £35.00 for 2meg which I know I could get for £19.99 with adsl.

The only negatives that I (and a few other people I know in the Edinburgh are) have found is that they can be unreliable at coming out and installing cable to your house (plus the hassle of digging up your front garden etc) and that email can be ropey in the mornings.

I think I would change to adsl if I could for the price and not having a huge cable running up the front of my house!!!

  helenry 23:07 27 Jul 05

I've had the 2mb service since it was introduced and nothing on earth would persuade me to change to ADSL.

  Dumble452 08:14 28 Jul 05

I have had their phone, tv, broadband package for quite some time and overall I think it is a good deal. I've found their on-line support to be good, but that it is a waste of time trying to phone them.

  Zaphod Beeblebrox 19:56 30 Jul 05

been with telewest for 18 months Cable broadband tv and phone
no problems at all

  User-312386 08:54 01 Aug 05

Been with Telewest for two and a half years and there Broadband is fantastic. Service is second to none and there support is brilliant.

If your broadband does not work, you call them and 99% of the time is fixed over the phone and all for the price of a local rate call

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