tech guys are useless

  shanzielle 13:48 03 Nov 10

I phoned up tech guys for my laptop to be checked and the insert (Ins) key/button to be fixed. When I received the laptop, they haven`t fixed the insert key and the touch panel was not working. I phoned them again and said that they haven't fixed it but instead broke the touch panel. The INSERT KEY/BUTTON is not working and they said nobody said that it is not working. It`s ridiculous cause I phoned them cause I wanted the INSERT KEY/BUTTON to be fixed in the first place. So silly that they gave me a different mains lead which is shorter than my original mains lead . They arranged it to be picked up again. And now I received the laptop the third time around and guess what, the INSERT KEY is still not working. What was the purpose of the NOTEBOOK CHECKLIST that they gave me? They ticked the box KEYBOARD for parts replaced. Have they checked that the INSERT button is working? They are all useless. Even if it`s just the insert key, and I am paying monthly for it to be fixed if there`s something wrong with my laptop, they should fix it and if they can`t, they should say.

  babybell 13:54 03 Nov 10

on Watchdog last week, thats how many complaints they've been getting.

  babybell 13:57 03 Nov 10
  shanzielle 13:58 03 Nov 10

any suggestions on what to do next?

  johndrew 14:21 03 Nov 10

If you have paid them and they have not done what they said, you should get a refund.

Perhaps an e-mail to Watchdog? click here

Or simply put your experience on their site.

  shanzielle 15:54 03 Nov 10

thank you.. I'm going to do that

  Forum Editor 17:55 03 Nov 10

from Speakers Corner.

  morddwyd 07:35 04 Nov 10

Have you been through Consumer Direct and Trading Standards?

  shanzielle 08:51 04 Nov 10

@ morddwyd-I haven't. Will they be able to help me if I complain to Consumer direct and trading standards? Can you please tell me what I need to do?

To all - Thank you

  spuds 19:32 04 Nov 10

Consumer Direct click here

  ajm 14:41 05 Nov 10

send me message through the yellow envelope next to my username. I may be able to help

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