shellship 22:48 18 Jan 05

I've been using TaxCalc (and its predecessors before Intuit took it over a couple of years ago) for doing my annual tax return.

Letter in post today from Intuit saying won't produce it any more.

Is that competition from the ever mighty Microsoft or from the Inland Revenue with our money?

Anyone know of a suitable replacement, please?

  recap 14:19 20 Jan 05

click here there may be something from the list that you may be able to use?

  shellship 17:16 20 Jan 05


Thanks v much

  Stuartli 18:01 20 Jan 05

The Inland Revenue website has a list of software:

click here

Follow the link re software.

  shellship 18:12 20 Jan 05

Thanks Stuartli

Very helpful. Do you know everything, it seems so!

  Nosmas 01:47 21 Jan 05

Hi there. Have a look at my post to this thread click here dated 21/01/05 @ 01:17 hrs.

  Stuartli 09:28 21 Jan 05

Wish I did - I'd be a millionaire now...:-)

  Bob S 19:10 26 Feb 05

I believe that TaxCalc has been purchased by ASP (Assured Solutions Providers. Try logging onto for further info. I would hope that ASP will be contacting previous users of TaxCalc.

  shellship 16:22 29 Mar 05

Yup. Got letter from Intuit this morning saying ASP have acquired TaxCalc and it can be bought.

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