TalkTalk Broadband

  steven_frost 17:20 04 Dec 04

Has anyone had a problem with talktalk broadband i moved from BT to them as they were offering me a 1 meg connection at the same price as my 512 with bt the swap went fine for the 512 side of things but as of yet no oone meg service that was near a month ago

  waamo 20:27 04 Dec 04

I'm trying to get broadband via talktalk and my experince is one of rather shoddy service, in fact according to them I should be up and running by now but I'm not!

I ordered online and they switched my phone over promptly, so far so good. As for broadband I heard nothing so I phoned them up to be told they had "lost" my order.

No problem, just reorder and wait a couple more days. This time I got a letter saying I should get my modem today. I've sat in all day and heard nothing.

To say I am not impressed is an understatement, twice I have attempted to get online with them and both times I have been let down.

  steven_frost 00:44 05 Dec 04

I do feel sorry for you i have to say their servers have been up all the time i have had it but you can not get a straight answer from them about what is going on

  iashem 15:02 05 Dec 04

i have had the same problem i ordered the 1mb connection and am still trying to get the upgrade from 512kb

  steven_frost 16:03 05 Dec 04

What reason have they given you for it

  harps1h 18:56 05 Dec 04

i went for it also and although my connection shows aq minimal increase on my isp it is nowhere near the 1mb i applied for. when you check your order there is a progress chart which currently shows mine as in progress, but not complete. this so far has taken 2 weeks to get to this state and i really am wondering when the full 1mb will come online.

maybe somebody could clarify the position as to the contractual obligations of those who have not received their 1mb

  waamo 20:20 05 Dec 04

I recommended talktalk to my mother-in-law as well. I rang her tonight as her activation date was 1st December.

Like me she is still waiting for her "bits" to arrive.

It doesn't exactly instill confidence.

  iashem 12:35 06 Dec 04

spoke to them again today this time they say the system is down and will ring me back so far i have had 1 call unreturned and 1 email unanswered so i will be surprised if they ring back. i have also asked will they bill me for 1mb or 512 because i signed up for 1mb but have only received a 512 connection so far

  harps1h 20:12 06 Dec 04

i phoned this evening to their helpline and was told that there to be a fix by this friday. i await with bated breath

  steven_frost 20:15 06 Dec 04

I have yet to phone back to find out when i will be getting mine in fact i may do it just to find out if they are singing from the same back

  iashem 09:52 07 Dec 04

just phoned talktalk and they are saying the same thing there is a fix due friday which will enable the 1mb coneection

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