oldbeefer2 18:13 13 Oct 06

My daughter is with Talktalk broadband near Bath. She uses a laptop and modem. Few problems during the week, but at weekends the modem rarely connects - just sits there flashing. No luck with the TT helpdesk. Anyone any thoughts, please?

  phil46 18:57 13 Oct 06

I would say read the ISP review on this matter.
click here

  oldbeefer2 21:03 13 Oct 06

I must be missing something, but I couldn't find any reference to TT in your link?

  mikef. 22:39 13 Oct 06

I think this is the page click here

  oldbeefer2 22:43 13 Oct 06

Thanks - that all ties in. My daughter was with TT before the big Free BB push, and seems to be suffering with the success 9if that's the right word) of their advertising.

  Stuartli 23:53 13 Oct 06

>>and seems to be suffering with the success of their advertising>>

There's no logical reason for that.

  phil46 00:43 14 Oct 06

Click on the link i gave you click on the ADSL Broadband and you will find Talk Talk.
Mikef also gave you the link.

  oldbeefer2 08:59 14 Oct 06

Stuartli. No, you're right. So why, I wonder, can she not connect to the server at weekends? Not something I've come across before. She's still stuck in the contract for now, but will change providers as soon as she can - the comments on the link are dreadful!

  Stuartli 11:25 14 Oct 06

I don't know. I'm on TalkTalk and I've just done a speed test at and it's returned 1.85MB - good for a 2MB connection, although I get 1.9 and slightly above in the week. Upload speed was 241kbps which, again, is on the ball.

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