Talk Talk Head Office Tel No?

  muddypaws 14:54 01 Dec 10

Has anyone got details of TT's H.O. tel number please, preferably some one high up.
I have ( or so I thought) booked an engineer's visit to a new build that I am moving to next week to set up the phone line.
Phoned them just now to check on progress and they have only got a provisional booking shown so that means I will have to re-book for a later date.
I know it was a definite booking because I gave the date and time for it. So it is a cock up by them.
Also my house number isn't shown on their data base as it is new. The other seven new ones are all on it. Royal Mail have added all eight to their system.
The original order taker knew this and said no problem and added it manually.
To day a different chap can't do it if doesn't come up on their system.

Thanks for any help/advice

  dagbladet 15:09 01 Dec 10

TalkTalk Group – High Level Complaints Executive – Direct Tel line is 01438 765494 extn 6240.

  muddypaws 15:16 01 Dec 10

Ringing them now.

  muddypaws 15:29 01 Dec 10

Spoken to them and he is going to sort it and call me back, hopefully.
Very helpful sounding person and straight through to him.
So again much appreciated dagbladet

  dagbladet 15:41 01 Dec 10

Happy to help.

  Ford Prefect 01 15:44 01 Dec 10

If that fails I have Charles Dunstone's email address.

Contact me via the yellow envelpoe and I'll forward it to you.

  muddypaws 15:46 01 Dec 10

Ford Prefect 01
Thanks. Will email you if the above fails.

  muddypaws 18:20 02 Dec 10

Had a call back today as promised and looking good.
Another call back tomorrow.

  muddypaws 11:18 04 Dec 10

Now have a confirmed order, but no date yet.

  muddypaws 10:41 06 Dec 10

Had a call from HO saying connection will take place a.m. 15/12.
Could even be before we move in at the speed buyer's solicitors are moving. Should have moved today.

  muddypaws 13:54 15 Dec 10

click here Scroll down.
Been very helpful to me.
Unfortunately the problem is with BT Openreach who they are putting pressure on.

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