Tablet for my Gorgeous Niece

  rhona31 27 Nov 12

Hi folks,

I'm looking for a tablet for my niece for her Xmas. She's 9 and will mostly use it for watching tv shows and playing games.

Ideally I'm looking to spend under £150. Is it possible to get a decent one?

  Forum Editor 27 Nov 12

Your budget allows you a fairly limited choice.

Take a look at this

  rhona31 27 Nov 12

That looks pretty good. I was looking at these cheap foreign ones, I can get a 10" screen for under £100. I'm guessing that would be a duffer?

  bjh. 27 Nov 12

The cheap imports normally suffer most in screen usability... which is key to a good tablet experience. I'd suspect a child - however gorgeous she may be - might get quickly frustrated if poking the screen doesn't bring the desired result.

  Forum Editor 27 Nov 12

I deliberately avoided the cheaper products. You'll want your niece's first experience with a tablet to be a reasonably good one, and my recommendation will ensure that's the case.

Bear in mind that a top-flight tablet will cost upwards of £350.

  bremner 27 Nov 12

A very good alternative to the Samsung is the Nexus 7

  bremner 27 Nov 12

The link again this time painfully slowly with Javascript on

nexus 7

  Forum Editor 27 Nov 12


I agree, the Nexus 7 16Gb model would be another good choice.

  rhona31 28 Nov 12

Cheers for the info guys, it's a big help. I'm going to go for one of the above, just trying to decide which one!

  rockymast 08 Dec 12

Nexus 7 is the best choice. It's the combination of top hardware and software. And I bet she wont mind the absence of card slot. :)


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