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  bigsteve23 16 Aug 12

I am seeking advice on a pc tablet i am planning to buy and would appreciate any help you may be able to give. I'm looking for a tablet 7-10in, max £150, BUT what i really need to know is, is there a tablet that i do not need to use a dongle to access e'mails and also, vitally important is there one out there that comes with, or i can get an in car charger ? Tablets i have researched so far do not come with an in car charger. As i'm a long distance driver, i do not need an all singing/dancing tablet just something that will do what i need with the stated prerequisites. Thanks in advance for any pointers.

  chub_tor 18 Aug 12

I can't offer advice on the tablets costing around £150 but for sure you can get car chargers for both the iPad and the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tablet.

  chub_tor 18 Aug 12

Or you take a trip to Dixons and ask them about this not sure why they would offer this package if the sat nav charger did not work with the tablet.

  Woolwell 18 Aug 12

If you want a table to work outside of wifi hotspots and without a dongle then you will need one with a sim card and 3G. But be aware of potential data costs of downloading if you go over the limit. 3G coverage isn't complete.

I suspect that you will not be able to do it in your budget

  ams4127 18 Aug 12

If you are with BT, then you can log into one of their WiFi hotspots.

I do it with my iPad without 3G.

  bigsteve23 18 Aug 12

Thank you people, especially Woolwell. Your comments have been noted and taken on board.

  Avodat 22 Aug 12

You may be able to use your phone as a personal hotspot giving you access to the internet - certainly an iPhone has that facility but... it depends how much you want to use it. Mobile internet is a better choice - it is still across the 3G system but you are more in control; you can buy the dongle on a PAYG basis. Vodaphone or 3 in the UK seem to have the better deals. Can you buy a cheap converter to plug into your cigarette lighter to outlet at a 3 pin plug with enough power to charge your laptop / tablet while you drive?

Just a few thoughts. I use the converter when I need power on the go - saves having to find all the extra wires for things because you just use the ordinary mains leads!


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