Tablet Advice

  bigsteve23 08:42 16 Aug 12

I am seeking advice on a pc tablet i am planning to buy and would appreciate any help you may be able to give. I'm looking for a tablet 7-10in, max £150, BUT what i really need to know is, is there a tablet that i do not need to use a dongle to access e'mails and also, vitally important is there one out there that comes with, or i can get an in car charger ? Tablets i have researched so far do not come with an in car charger. As i'm a long distance driver, i do not need an all singing/dancing tablet just something that will do what i need with the stated prerequisites. Thanks in advance for any pointers.

  chub_tor 13:46 18 Aug 12

I can't offer advice on the tablets costing around £150 but for sure you can get car chargers for both the iPad and the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tablet.

  chub_tor 13:51 18 Aug 12

Or you take a trip to Dixons and ask them about this not sure why they would offer this package if the sat nav charger did not work with the tablet.

  Woolwell 16:39 18 Aug 12

If you want a table to work outside of wifi hotspots and without a dongle then you will need one with a sim card and 3G. But be aware of potential data costs of downloading if you go over the limit. 3G coverage isn't complete.

I suspect that you will not be able to do it in your budget

  ams4127 19:54 18 Aug 12

If you are with BT, then you can log into one of their WiFi hotspots.

I do it with my iPad without 3G.

  bigsteve23 19:56 18 Aug 12

Thank you people, especially Woolwell. Your comments have been noted and taken on board.

  Avodat 17:16 22 Aug 12

You may be able to use your phone as a personal hotspot giving you access to the internet - certainly an iPhone has that facility but... it depends how much you want to use it. Mobile internet is a better choice - it is still across the 3G system but you are more in control; you can buy the dongle on a PAYG basis. Vodaphone or 3 in the UK seem to have the better deals. Can you buy a cheap converter to plug into your cigarette lighter to outlet at a 3 pin plug with enough power to charge your laptop / tablet while you drive?

Just a few thoughts. I use the converter when I need power on the go - saves having to find all the extra wires for things because you just use the ordinary mains leads!

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