Syntax Sv266A

  fullywired23 20:25 27 Feb 04

Has anyone any knowledge on the Syntax SV266A mother board.I bought one to replace my grandsons busted board.
It is supposed to take both DDRram and SDRram
but when ddr is fitted it won't even post but if sdr is fitted it will
I wondered if anyone on the forum has had the same results.


  Grandad D 16:20 28 Feb 04

Hi, I think that this board works better with branded memmory. Also I think that there are lots of jumpers next to the ram slots that need to be removed to be able to use DDR Ram. That is if I remember correctly. Hope this helps, Ta Dennis

  fullywired23 16:35 28 Feb 04

Thanks grandad
Yes there is a load of Jumpers to change .You have to take all of them off for SDRram and put them on for DDram .I have e-mailed support but they are not much help .since I bought the board I have read a few reviews by people who have bought one and it seems a common fault with the boards (I should have read them before I bought it) However you live and learn
I think the board is a load of rubbish

thanks again

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