Syncronise Notes over a network?

  martinmrocks 10:27 AM 16 Jun 13

I'm looking for a piece of software that will synchronise notes in real time (give or take 1-2 minutes) over a network. For example..

In an ideal world I would have notepad open on three machines. 1 master and 2 slaves. When I update the text on the master machine the 2 slave pcs would update and display the new information. It doesn't have to be to versatile ie. no fancy fonts etc. It would just be ideal in my line of work to update these positions with minimum interference to the worker.

Any ideas??

ps. freeware is ideal :)

  Forum Editor 07:46 AM 18 Jun 13

I use AllwaySync

It's far more sophisticated than your need demands, but it will do the job perfectly; all you have to do is save the notes into a directory or directories, and tell the software how often to run the sync process. It will do the incremental synchronisation as you wish.

You'll have to open the files on the other machines to see the changes - nothing is going to remotely update an open document.

  martinmrocks 09:07 AM 18 Jun 13

Thank you for your response. I found some software called Shixxnote, its perfect for my needs


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