Symantec's 21% VAT

  Aygedpee 09:40 30 Oct 06

I've read the other threads on Symantec and VAT, but still don't understand how Symantec can charge UK customers 21% VAT on renewals just because THEY are based in Ireland. What once ccost under £3 is now over £34+ too much VAT to renew, so it's time to uninstall and give my PC's a speed boost bonus!

  spuds 11:54 30 Oct 06

All to do with EU regulations, and the way certain companies want to conduct their business practices.

Now if you were dealing with a Chanell Island company, things would be a lot different, at this moment in time ;o)

  Aygedpee 13:49 30 Oct 06

Hi Spuds, I don't see a clue in that link.
When I buy from U.S. they charge me U.K. VAT not California local tax, but when I buy from Symantec Ireland they charge me Irish VAT. what happens in CI?

  Aygedpee 13:56 30 Oct 06

I've just found: click here but that still talks of a 17.5% exise duty not 21%.

  sunny staines 16:23 30 Oct 06

click here

try this option.

  Aygedpee 16:48 30 Oct 06

Thanks SS. A very good price - although it doesn't solve the Symantec VAT question.

  spuds 17:08 30 Oct 06

Hi Aygedpee-- Any business registered in any EU member country can charge VAT (if applicable, and by agreement)at the rate their domicile country are using. Companies like Tesco, 101cd and many more, conduct certain transactions from places like the CI, as an added tax incentive to themselves and their customers.There are certain 'loopholes' or 'incentives', which the EU commissioners are looking into at present,and these 'added incentives' could be closed in the very near future.

EU Member States Vat rates (2006) click here

Vat and the EU click here

  Aygedpee 17:28 30 Oct 06

Hi Spuds. Many thanks for those two links. What a minefield and much food for thought. I think I'll stick to engineering!

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