switch from Lumia 820 to 830?

  JohnnyBe 10:03 05 Sep 14

hi folks, my current smartphone is a Lumia 820 and I'm quite satisfied with it. Now Micrsoft/Nokia announced the new 830 which has a better camera and the new Nokia Denim as far as I know. Not sure if I should wait til my 820 gets the update or buy the successor. Anyone else facing this? Or just any advices? cheers

  chub_tor 12:15 06 Sep 14

Is it worth upgrading just to get more pixels in a camera? With a small display you will never see the difference unless you connect to a large screen display or print them large. I would wait for the software update to the 820 and save my money.

  JohnnyBe 09:10 08 Sep 14

thanks for your answer. yeah I will probably wait for the software update. Actually the cameras of the 820 are pretty bad, even the ones of my former Galaxy S1 were better.

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