Super quick survey!

  joelmb 13:48 23 Mar 04

Hi. Some may remember i asked for respondents to click a link and complete a questionnaire on Mobile Phone purchase behaviour for my MSc degree thesis to which I had a fabulous response! I wanted to ask one more quick question if you wouldn't mind responding!...

When surfing the internet, do you download “plug-ins” when prompted, if they are necessary to view certain online content?

- Yes.
- No. I’d go without viewing the content.
- Don’t know what a Plug-in is.

  tbh72 13:52 23 Mar 04

Generally NO

Only if it was ABSOLUTELY essential for me to view that page, this is very rare and I reject more website's than I would ever enter where a plugin was required.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:53 23 Mar 04

and the link is?..............


  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:55 23 Mar 04

....ahhhhhhhhhh, no linky....I usually download any plug-in if I need it. Usually reckless so 'security' holds no fears.


  Sir Radfordin 14:16 23 Mar 04

Yes but only if I knew what the content was, what the plug-in was and really wanted to view the content. If it was something I stumbled upon then I would often not bother but look elsewhere.

Most media plugins are already installed on my PC from other needs anyway.

  joelmb 14:52 23 Mar 04

for responses so far. i need as many as i can so all quick answers gratefully received! :)

  anniel 14:56 23 Mar 04

if I realy want to view the content...but I admit to recklessness in the past,merrily downloading without thinking.

Now I am older and wiser (thanks to forums like this)

  Diemmess 16:02 23 Mar 04

Quick answer NO

In the past Yes, but now only Yes if it is something I have looked for, - and never the other way around!

  anchor 16:11 23 Mar 04

As a general rule NO.

On rare occasions, depending upon the site I might, but only if I knew what is was, and could fully trust the source. For example, macromedia shock wave, which is essential to view some sites.

  Totally-braindead 17:33 23 Mar 04

Yes providing I know or think I know who its from

  JerryJay 17:34 23 Mar 04

Generally NO, this is because I install necessary plugin I need when I install a browser. If some sites use non-standard plugin, I would not "touch" it because I am firm believer of standards.

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