Suitable laptop for Uni and basic gaming?

  vipa316 08:16 AM 26 Jul 11

Dad`s taking my old dell and has told me to find a new replacement laptop. I`m a university student, and the only game that would be used on the laptop would be Football Manager 2011 and League of Legends. Would any off the following laptops be good enough to play those two games and also work well enough for everyday uni life, such as work and music etc?

As you can see my budget is around the £400 mark, if none of these laptops are suitable, could you recommend a few? Thanks

  vipa316 08:45 AM 26 Jul 11

Few extra, a good battery life would be nice, and the 2 games I posted do not require to be run at highest settings. Thats the link for what grahpics card is a minimum requirement for league of legends Thats the link for what graphics card is a minimum requirement for FM11, as you can see neither game is top end in terms of graphical needs

  HondaMan 14:51 PM 26 Jul 11

I know nothing about those games, but read the "system requirements" on the box, double the ram and you shpould be somewhere near it.


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