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Sub Notebook

  Gorillaz 12:47 12 Nov 04

I am looking to buy an ultra portable notebook and had decided upon the Acer Travelmate 320. Juts read a review for the MV Mobeus, never heard of the company but the spec is impressive for the money, around £760 against the £1,069 for the Acer. Obviously corners have to be cut somewhere, has anyone had any dealings with mobeus? Tried a search in the forum but nothing shows up.

  TomJerry 16:17 12 Nov 04

MV Mobeus weights 2.1kg is is far too heavy for a sub-notebook. I cannot find spec for Acer model you mentioned Acer website.

For reasonable price one, look Dell X300 (??) only 1.3Kg also 12" screen, dell site down, cannot find the price for you yet.

Samsuang, Panasonic (14" screen only 1.29kg), Sony produce better and lighter models, but more expensive.

For Christmas wishing list, have a look click here

  TomJerry 16:58 12 Nov 04

1.3kg, 12" screen Dell Latitude X300 starts £1055 click here

1.3kg, 12" screen Samsung Q25 HXC 738 £1479 click here

  Gorillaz 16:58 12 Nov 04

Thanks for the info TomJerry, in the process of checking the other sites. One thing I need an answer to is what is the difference between WXGA and XGA?

  TomJerry 18:27 12 Nov 04

XGA: 1028 x 768

WXGA: 1280 x 800

  TomJerry 18:35 12 Nov 04

just got the latest issue of PCA. In which MV Mobeus is listed in the best buys for 2005.

It is a good machine, but it is not sub-notebook (2.1kg). I got a lapto which got 15.4" widescreen only 2.7kg.

You can get 14" model at 2.3kg, for example Mesh Tablea Centrio with 14" in touch sensitive screen only 2.3kg cost £899 click here, great machine works as a tablet PV as well.

So I think MV Mobeus is poor value for money

  Arthur Scrimshaw 20:53 12 Nov 04

What's the big deal about weight?
I'm sure Gorillaz can cope with another 800g in his bag.

  TomJerry 23:52 12 Nov 04

if you can deal with big g, you should get big screen

  Gorillaz 16:14 13 Nov 04

Decided against the Mobeus, if you can't see or try before you buy leave it alone. Ended up with the Acer, perfect for what I need. At last I can ditch my Sony, it was fine for a desktop replacement but for lugging half way round the world forget it.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 20:19 13 Nov 04

sometimes size IS more important - (leaves space for double entendre)

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