Strange Dell Deal

  Joseph Kerr 23:01 22 Jan 10

They appear to be charging people to keep their own hard drives if they fail, as a data protection measure. They're not charging much, but im perplexed.

Totally unrelatedly, i think i remember putting together a system on their site for under £700 with an optical audio connection, DVI, HDMI and a 3 year warranty. I looked at a few other things, then i couldnt find it again. Maybe i imagined it.

  lotvic 01:51 23 Jan 10

maybe you will feel less strange in the morning ;-)

  Joseph Kerr 02:12 23 Jan 10

I sort of hope so but its pretty strange. Well, th efirst thing is, certainly.

  961 09:35 23 Jan 10

Failed hard drives cause problems. All that sensitive data on its way who knows where

Remember if it fails under warranty it is replaced but the maker usually demands the failed drive in return. The alternative is often to buy a new drive and pay for the fitting

So I think this is a solution that may appeal to many

  Joseph Kerr 13:52 23 Jan 10

How can they demand the old one? If you bought it you own it...

  961 15:55 23 Jan 10

Of course you do. And the manufacturer is more than happy for you to keep it

But if you want it replaced under warranty you'll find that whatever it is, vacuum cleaner, dishwasher, microwave, computer and hard drive, they'll want the old one back in exchange, for a variety of reasons

For most things this doesn't matter a toss. Who wants to keep a failed dishwasher control panel. But a hard drive is a bit different. It's got all your info and codes on it

So you have a choice. Get the new one replaced under warranty by the maker and rely on their security systems to destroy your data, or arrange for a new drive to be installed at cost and retain the old one

Or avail yourself of this option from Dell

Hard drives don't fail all that often. But it does happen

  Joseph Kerr 18:35 23 Jan 10

Fair enough.

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